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v8.8.0b479 (6 Oct 2020)

Released 6 Oct 2020. Beta number is 479.

  • Attribute Browser view:
    • Right-clicking an attribute browser group heading displayed a menu to “Open in new tab…”. Because groups cannot be opened in a tab, this accomplished nothing; the menu no longer appears.
  • Display/Hover Expressions:
    • If an item with a Display Expression was open for editing, clicking inside the editable text field could improperly reevaluate the display expression, in some cases leading to unwanted duplications and edits.
  • Export:
    • In HTML Export, an ^else^ clause that began with a parenthetical expression mistakenly considered the parentheses to be an argument to ^else^. For example: ^if($Subtitle)^….^else^(none) returned endif without the expected '(none)' string.
  • Find:
    • Drag any note from the Find window into a map or outline view to make an alias of that note at the drop position.
  • Get Info:
    • Get Info: the map pane has been rewritten to use Apple’s much-improved MapKit API.
  • Map view:
    • Containers and Agents once again respect the $Fill attribute by filling the title bar rectangle.
    • In adornments, the grid widget could be difficult to see if the adornment itself was sufficiently light and neutral. In this case, a darker colour is now used to draw the grid widget.
    • Ziplinks showed a predilection for creating notes in the upper right-hand corner of adornments in maps with adornments. This should no longer occur.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Addressed a potential deadlock that might arise when importing watched folders.
    • Addressed an intermittent crash when closing documents, caused when a pending throttled update was attempted after the view was released.
    • The search field in the Find bar displayed its insertion point in the $Color of the selected note. We now use the current $TextColor.
    • Corrected a potential crash in the demon that updates ziplinks after a note is renamed. If a text link is exactly equal to the former name of the renamed note, the link anchor is changed to correspond to the note’s new name. The former code did not correctly account for the situation where two or more links require updating, in which case the update must be performed from the latest-occurring text link to the first-occurring text link.
    • During save and autosave, Tinderbox concurrently processes the styled text of every note in order to speed up saving. This could, with bad luck, lead to collisions in resolving each note’s text font. We now serialise resolution of NodeFont objects.
    • The prototype menu no longer refuses to set prototypes if the prototype name has a non-breaking space. In French, it is conventional to place a non-breaking space before some punctuation marks, including ? and !. As a result, non-breaking spaces are common in note names en français.
    • Several methods that check resources on the internet have been updated to use better APIs.
    • The Browse Links… popover could not be dismissed when invoked from a text window. It can now be dismissed by clicking outside the popover or by pressing Esc.
    • Menus and tool tips that referred to Key Attributes now refer to Displayed Attributes.
    • The built-in prototype “Imported From Finder” is now wider, so the full note is visible.
    • Ziplinks without paths failed to create notes when processing watch folders.
  • OS Dark/Light modes:
    • When changing colour schemes, Tinderbox does a better job of recognising text foreground and background colours that need to be revised for the new scheme. Differences in colour representation and colour spaces make colour comparison tricky.
  • Text pane:
    • The quick link popup menu now respects backlink requests. When typing [[
    • When starting ziplinks with a backlink, [[< displays the same menu as [[ displays.
    • After using the values pulldown menu in the Key Attributes table, the chosen value is now formatted to reflect whether it is inherited or not.
    • When renaming notes, Tinderbox finds and updates text links that link to the renamed note and are anchored to the note’s old name. Others that terminate after the modified link are now updated if the anchor text length is changed.
  • Watched Content:

    See 8.8.0 Help's Release Notes for more detail of minor points.

    A Tinderbox Reference File : Change Log : v8.8.0b479 (6 Oct 2020)