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Default - with sidebar

Default - with sidebar

A basic note window with an uncustomised view has the following elements, working top to bottom:


The sidebar holds the following contents

Note that the sidebar doesn't have a scroll bar - to see all the content you must increase the vertical size of the text window. Revealing the attributes table pushes content below it further down the sidebar. The sidebar cannot be resized horizontally - use the Info view to see attribute values in full detail.

If a text window is sized very narrow - the sidebar will not be shown regardless of settings. You must make the window larger to display the sidebar - circa 570 pixels width seems the cut-off. If you make a window with a sidebar narrower than the sidebar is toggled off by Tinderbox.

If the sidebar is hidden, the View menu item 'Hide Sidebar' will actually re-show the sidebar (assuming Note window width allows) despite the caption - the action is a toggle. Alternatively use the feature visibility toggle menu icon bottom left of the text pane. Or use shortcut [Cmd]+[Ctrl]+T to toggle sidebar visibility.

If the window is not big enough to support a sidebar the View menu item to toggle the sidebar is greyed out with the caption "Too narrow for sidebar". Resize the note horizontally to re-enable the sidebar toggle feature.

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