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Chart view

Chart view

A chart view shows the hierarchical structure of the document very clearly, as a tree chart. A chart is also handy for seeing many notes in one window. It is easy to re-structure the hierarchy of the document in a chart window, by dragging parts of the hierarchy to other parts of the hierarchy. The scope of the chart depends on the selection when the chart view is called. If in root view and nothing is selected, the chart represents the entire outline, otherwise it is of the selected item and all its descendants.

Subtitles appear in chart view. Chart View has a Chart options popover, accessible by clicking the Info button on the chart view's tab. The popover allows change the chart style and to adjust the width and spacing of chart items. A choice is offered of either a left-to-right (as previously) or top-to-bottom arrangement of the chart.

A note icon with a pointed right end is a container. By default a new chart is drawn with all branches expanded. However, any container note can be collapsed (like with an Outline) by clicking the triangular area at the right edge of container icons. Collapsed containers show a number, e.g. "+17", indicating the total number of descendants (i.e. children, grandchildren, etc.) that are in the hidden branch. The count includes agents and aliases but excludes separators and adornments as neither of these types of object is drawn in Chart view.

A chart view does not show any of the links in the document. A chart view does not differentiate between notes and agents as in outline or map view (through if a container holds only aliases, it is most likely an agent). Chart view dog-ears do not show the ageing colour (as in outline view, etc.).

Charts can wrap their titles to multiple lines and editing-in-place is supported.

The note's badge is shown to the left of the title. Right-clicking in this area opens the badge menu.

The note or agent icon is the same as that used in Outline view and shows the presence/amount of text, and links, and can be used to select prototypes.

The link icon for dragging links is shown, for the selected note, between the note icon and the badge.

Item icons and titles are drawn in $Color.

Chart view is not suitable for very large outlines, e.g. the whole of a document such as aTbRef, so avoid using this view for very large numbers of notes. This is because Tinderbox runs out of virtual space in which to draw the overall outline (i.e. it is an internal limit within the app). Reserve chart use for small files or just sections of larger files. Large charts can take a long time to render and may not scroll smoothly due to their sheer size (N.B. outlines are more compact). The conventional left-to-right Chart View is somewhat more efficient in its layout.

Chart tabs remember and restore the expansion state of their view.