Tinderbox v9 Icon

Content and Type Dependent Icons

Depending on the presence and amount of content in a note, the outline view (and views with the same icon) will show a slightly different icon (and in Attribute Browser, chart and Timeline views).

In Map view (and views with the same icon), the presence of note content is shown by a 'dog-ear' icon on the note; the above granularity of content is not represented.

Agent icons are similar except the thick bar is at the bottom, not the top. Disabled agent ('frozen' via $AgentPriority) have an empty bar at the bottom of the icon.

The varying agent/note icon is not immediately obvious to the eye in Outline view, but once you realise it is there the difference it becomes more intuitive as a way to tell apart Notes and Agents. Maps have a different, but similar, visual layout to differentiate note vs. agent containers.

The fill colour of the icon, indicates the age of its content.

Prototype notes also show a light green coloured circle behind the icon (here darkened slightly from default value for better contrast). The colour used is set in the Map Preferences.