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Prototype: Reference


If not already present this prototype is auto-set via the app when dragging in reference data to Tinderbox.

Initially implemented to support Bookends integration. Useful when adding structured reference data, e.g. via RIS data import. The includes $URL as well as $ReferenceURL. $URL holds a the URL to the reference in the reference manager (e.g. local pseudo-protocol bookends://…), whilst $ReferenceURL holds the reference URL for the reference source (if it has one).

This prototype's non-default customisations other than $IsPrototype, $Name, and intrinsic map features (height, width, etc.) are listed below.

$DisplayedAttributes (mainly from the References group of system attributes): "Authors;ArticleTitle;BookTitle;Journal;Publisher;PublicationCity;PublicationYear;RefKeywords;Abstract;URL;ReferenceURL".

$DominantLanguage: "en".

$Color: "muted green".

$AccentColor: "dark green".

$Pattern: "gradient".