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 list   [other list-type attributes]

 (not set - empty string)

 References   [other References Group attributes]

 Data synch






 As at baseline

Used for Bookends reference import. Maps to RIS data tag 'AU'.

$Authors is a List-type attribute (it was a Set in older releases). This is to avoid the listing being re-ordered alphabetically, now that the sorting of Set-type attributes is more aggressive in v9+. That is unhelpful if the authors of academic papers have been listed in order of appearance of the paper. If author names are entered in first name(s) then last name order, default (Set) alphabetical listing will use first name.

To purge possible duplicates now $Authors is a List, consider a stamp using the list.unique operator:

$Authors = $Authors.unique; 

But, be aware this will impose an alphabetical sort.