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 list   [other list-type attributes]

 (not set - empty string)

 TextFormat   [other TextFormat Group attributes]

 Note DA






 As at baseline

A List holding the attribute names used in the note's Displayed Attributes table.

Note that this is a list of attribute names and not references so do not use a $-prefix if editing the list by hand or via action code.

The Displayed Attributes table is drawn in $DisplayedAttributeFont (by default the same as $NameFont).

Displayed Attributes have no special status beyond the ability to display a user-selected table of 'key' attributes in a note's text pane.

This replaces the deprecated KeyAttributes attribute.

In pre-v.9, this attribute was a Set. However, new improvements to Set processing mean the listing order cannot be relied upon not to change, thus the move to List-type even though creates the potential for duplicated entries.