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Export Folder OS Location

From v9.5.0, the default folder used for exporting files (primarily 'HTML' export) changes:

The export folder may be changed by either:

If the current choice of export folder is the temporary folder, choosing menu File ▸ Export HTML will invite the user to select a new export folder, rather than defaulting to the (hidden and thus confusing) temporary folder. Exporting to the temporary folder is not a useful thing to do, but is a boon when using internal preview/presentation.

A hidden factor here is changes by Apple in internal security required for previewing Web(-type) content. As a result, notes need to be exported before they may be previewed. For a user doing internal preview, exporting files would require clear-up afterwards. By exporting to hidden temporary files, the zero-configuration of internal preview is maintained. Conversely normal (file export is able to work as before.

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