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Exporting Folders

In some circumstances it is desirable to get Tinderbox to emit a folder but no note when exporting a container; for instance aTbRef's CSS file is in a folder /css/ but there is no 'css.html' note.

The method to doing this is simple and relates to use of $HTMLDontExport and $HTMLExportChildren, the two tick boxes top left of the HTML views' Export pane.

To export a folder, un-tick the top box ($HTMLDontExport) and leave the second box ticked ($HTMLExportChildren). As long as there is at least one descendant note that does export, a folder will be created. Indeed, all folders in the path will be created if the only exported note is several outline levels down.

Folder name. The folder created uses the same name as would be used for the note's exported file ($HTMLExportFileName), without the extension ($HTMLExportExtension).

In scenarios needing specific folders for content that names can often be ones that are cryptic is used as the container note's $Name. This too need no be a problem. Simply set $HTMLExportFileName, or type in a name into the 'Filename' box in HTML view. The latter will be the exported name, e.g. "refs" whereas the $Name seen on Tinderbox might be "'refs' folder". If doing this in a context where the TBX may be shared with others, consider using a $DisplayExpression to add a warning about not editing. For instance this code:

$Name+" (DO NOT EDIT/MOVE!)" 

Thus the user might see a screen caption in Tinderbox like so:

'refs' folder (DO NOT EDIT/MOVE!)

Meanwhile the actual exported folder would simply be "refs".

When using 'folder export' do not delete $HTMLExportExtension. During export this is attribute is not used. However, if deleted (i.e. it has no value) then the child/descendant data is exported as siblings of the exported folder.