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 Map item subtitle configuration






 As at baseline

Holds the optional subtitle text that is displayed beneath the note title in map view.

This subtitle, typically drawn in smaller type, provides means to give additional information about the note. The subtitle can be set or changed through the $Subtitle attribute.

The subtitle may most easily be set in the Inspector's name pane or directly into the attribute via code or Info view. Subtitles may also be set or edited by clicking and holding an existing subtitle, or by clicking and holding beneath the note's name even if there is no current subtitle. The mechanism is the same as Edit-in-Place.

Subtitles only appear in maps, and appear only if the note affords sufficient space. However, the subtitle is displayed on hover in outlines if the note has no Hover Expression (feature is currently withdrawn). In a map both $Subtitle and $HoverExpression can be displayed (assuming they both have a value).

Other attributes allow fine tuning of the look of subtitles:

$Subtitle can be set for the current note via the Text Inspector ▸ Subtitle tab, 'Subtitle' text box.