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Updates to aTbRef

This document is under near constant revision. Generally, only affected pages are altered and changes since the baseline version are annotated with the version in which the change occurred. This means the 'last updated' time on the home page may not always be correct, but it is a pragmatic trade-off in terms of maintenance load.

A full site re-upload is done for all new releases, i.e. during version X, for every X.N or X.N.n release for as long as major version X is current.

Those users who always update to the current version can generally just ignore the text's references to version numbers (apart from checking the most recent changes) whereas users of older versions or without current update support can easily see whether their installed version includes certain improvements or not.

Some legacy syntax is no longer documented. Those needing to use legacy syntax should refer to older versions of aTbRef.

To assist TBX-based users watching the version and build checkers, a full local export is done when feasible even if only a few affected pages are uploaded. In such circumstances this will include the RSS/Atom feeds, the zipped TBX and the index page (so the latter's updated time will be correct). Discontinued.