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About aTbRef

As a reference file, aTbRef is explicitly and deliberately not a 'how-to' resource, i.e. it explains how parts of the app work rather than how to employ those app features in the context of a user's personal work tasks. The latter are questions that can be addressed by tutorials or in the user-to-user forums (more on other Tinderbox help resources).

aTbRef9 is baselined on v9.5.0b597 (released 8 December 2022) and includes changes up to and including v9.7.3b673 (10 Apr 2024). This web resource of c.2,500 discrete static HTML webpages is created from 2,877 discrete notes and a further 472 aliases within the source Tinderbox document. The overall number of notes (2,974), agents (151), adornments (4) and aliases (6,574) in the entire document document comprises 9,703 items. These items contain 407,148 words, and use 6,225 internal (i.e. inter-note) links.

Further notes about aTbRef: