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Preferences occur at two levels — application and per-document level. They are accessed from:

The App-level window is titled "Tinderbox Preferences (for new documents)", whereas the document-level windows is titled "Preferences".

All Tinderbox level preferences are used as the defaults for a new TBX document and become the default values for those preferences at document level unless subsequently altered, in which case the document's preference value is used. Document preferences are only available if a document is open. If multiple documents are open the apply only to the current document.

There are very few preferences that exist only at app level. Conversely, there a number of groups of settings that are available only at Document level: Ping, Weblogs, Mail and Simplenote. This is because these are usually document specific - either because they will be used only in some documents or the settings may need to differ from document to document.

If in doubt as to which level of Preferences you are viewing, the app-level Preferences has fewer tabs (nothing after 'Warnings') and the title bar has the suffix that it is " (for new documents)".

For all preference tabs except 'Ping' there is no way to reset factory defaults, so it is advisable not to tinker with settings until you have gained some experience with Tinderbox. Experiment by changing preferences at (per) document level until you are sure you want to apply the change to all files; note that file configuration changes only affect new files, whereas display settings tend to apply to all files. If all else fails you can reset your Preferences.

Only some attributes are inherited via Preferences. A few System attributes are calculated on the fly and thus read-only. All other attributes can set a doc-level default.

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