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From v3.5.0, a note may be designated as a separator. A separator is drawn in outline view as a horizontal line. The note's name, if any, is shown centered in a box-out in the middle of the separator line. If the note has no Name value or it is "untitled' the separator shows as a solid line. For separators no duplicate name warning is given if the Name value is left blank.

No note icon is shown for a separator note so the age/level of content/age can't be judged although the separator is a fully functional note. In other than Outline view, a separator is shown as a normal note (see comment further below re Map view).

A separator can still have normal note features like a Rule and OnAdd action and become a container by having notes added to it (though doing this deliberately doesn't make much sense!). It can link and be linked to. It can also have note text; in such cases Treemap and Chart views will show a 'dogear' symbol denoting text content.

To designate a note as a separator, check the Separator checkbox in the Create (Rename) Note dialog, or set the value of Separator to true.

From v4.1.0, Separators appears in all views, except in Map view. Previously, whilst separator notes were not visible in Map view, they could sometimes be selected, and thus they could sometimes be drop targets. This should no longer be the case. From v4.2.3 separators do not appear in Chart or Treemap views either.

From v4.2.5, separator notes default to exporting as HTML if:

they contain note text, or

they contain child notes

Outline Separators


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