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Positioning newly created notes

When Tinderbox needs to choose a map position for a note (e.g. in an outline when the note is created, or dragged into a new container), it is careful to avoid colliding with existing notes. Notes created outside Map view view are automatically assigned plausible map positions.

[Ctrl]+[Opt]+Return (^⌥-Return) creates a note below the selected note. Return creates a note to the right of the selected note, and [Ctrl]+Return (^-Return) creates a note to the left of the selected note. If there is already a note where Tinderbox would place the new note, Tinderbox seeks a suitable location.

Note: in earlier versions of Tinderbox, the app would sometimes give up the search for a plausible position and place all new notes at {0,0} (in map co-ordinates). This should no longer occur but the issue may be seen in old TBX files created using older versions of Tinderbox.