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Link labels

Link labels

The Map view has the ability to visualise links between notes. These are drawn as lines between linked notes, with an arrowhead at the terminating end of the link (i.e. the destination). Where the link starts outside the map, the link is shown as a short vertical line into the top centre of the note's map icon; where the link ends outside the map a short link is drawn vertically downwards from the note's icon.

A Map Preference allow a choice of lines being drawn as straight or curved lines; there is also an option to draw/not draw all link lines.

Via the Attributes palette's Link Types pane, it is possible to control, at per linkType scope:

  • The name (label) of a link type.
  • Whether that link type is visible. This is trumped by the show/no show Map Preference.
  • Whether, when shown, the link displays its link title. The link title is drawn in the same colour as the link arrow (previously the labels were always black, regardless of arrow colour).

The the drawing of Map link lines is altered so as to avoid link labels overwriting one another where multiple links exist between notes.

Link labels can be dragged a small distance from their associated link to aid legibility. The new position is saved through navigation up/down the outline or zooming the map. However, if either source or destination note is moved the label may move and require manual reposition; this makes sense as the line is moving as after initial repositioning the label is no longer in an auto-positioned place. When a label is dragged a circle is shown, indicating the current limit of when the label may be re-positioned.