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Colour Scheme Files

Colour Scheme Files

Colour scheme files allow the user to choose a colour scheme from the Document Setting' Colors tab. Colour scheme files also record the text font and map font preferences. Often, choice of font and font size is connected to the choice of colour scheme. Saving additional information helps makes colour schemes more useful.

Filename Extension: '.tbc'

Icon: a white page with a wheel of colour chips and the title 'tbc'. Previously, it was a white page with the old Tinderbox program symbol and colour chips down the left side.

To use/import a colour scheme file simply drag it onto an open Tinderbox document's view pane.

To save a colour scheme, open the Document Inspector's Colors tab.

Colour schemes are saved with the current text background colour; previously, this was omitted. Colour schemes also save and restore the current text colour, and the default value of $Color.

Colour scheme files are normally intended to be dropped into view windows. If a colour scheme file is double-clicked, Tinderbox displays a dialog suggesting that you drop the file in a view window.

Any TBC files correctly placed within the 'color schemes' folder of Tinderbox application support folder is accessible to open Tinderbox documents via the Document Settings Colors tab. Note TBC added there are not shown for open documents. These must be re-opened to refresh the scheme listing.

Another, more pervasive way to set custom schemes is to customise the colors.xml configuration file. In this case these custom colour definitions becomes the default TBX colour scheme for any subsequent new TBX files; existing TBXs are unaffected but could be updated by dragging on a similarly defined colour scheme file.

Creating and saving colour schemes

Note: It might be good to use a new document for this task

Alter the existing document so the colours are as you wish. Then use the Colors Inspector to create a colour scheme file.