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The Colors tab controls selection of the current colour scheme in use in the document. The default is 'Modern'. The list shows both built-in scheme and any stored in the Tinderbox support folders. Read more on colour scheme files.

The left list box lists available scheme. When selected, a sample bitmap (if supplied) illustrating the scheme is displayed on the right.

Note that from v8.0, Tinderbox's colour schemes have been given an overhaul. In support of these improvements, several old colour schemes have been dropped. This means new documents will have a different set of pre-defined colour schemes. Note that for new documents created in v8+ on OS versions (10.14+) with dark/light modes the document is given a different default colour scheme. The current built-in schemes (and defaults)

  • Coral
  • Dark Coral (v8+ default for new TBX files in OS dark mode)
  • Franchi
  • Green
  • London (add v9.5.2+)
  • Modern (v8+ default for new TBX files in OS light mode)
  • Solarized
  • Sorolla
  • Standard
  • Storyspace
  • Sunny
  • Sunny Dark
  • Tinderbox 7 (default v6-v7)
  • [user colour schemes in the user's 'color schemes' app support folder, if any, list at the end]

The colour scheme format has been extended to accommodate a wider range of appearances. Experimental support has been added for colour schemes that use dark background colours, in part to determine how difficult this may prove. Tinderbox has always assumed that map and text panes had fairly light backgrounds, but there has clearly some interest in dark colour schemes, especially since the macOS 10.14 introduced a dark mode.

'Modern' is the light mode default, replacing 'Standard' in older versions; in this scheme, the map background colour, and the colours 0-9, are slightly bluer. "Dark Coral' is the dark mode default.

For those with TBXs pre-dating v8 and who work in dark mode, applying 'Tinderbox 7' should give a better result. The issue this solves is that older colour schemes were not aware of the colours changed when toggling OS dark/light modes and so did not (re-)set some colours accordingly. All the schemes above have been updated to allow for this issue.

When applying a new colour scheme, if the scheme changes $TextFont, notes that use the old (scheme's) text font will be changed to use the new scheme's text font.