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Tinderbox Application Support folders

When first run, Tinderbox creates a support folder at ~/Library/Application Support/Tinderbox. This folder can be opened in Finder from within Tinderbox via the Help menu. Since OS 10.8, Apple has hidden the user's Library folder (~/Library) in Finder. To make it easier for the general Mac user to access Tinderbox's support folders, the Help menu's 'Reveal Support Folder in Finder' option will open the folder in a new finder window.

The folder contains a number of sub-folders. If, for any reason, a sub-folder is missing it can be created manually in Finder, noting that the names are case-sensitive. The default sub-folders are:

The following legacy sub-folder may exist on older systems/installs:

The following sub-folder can be added manually:

Legacy: In v5, deeper nesting of folders is not supported. For instance, all custom badges must be in /badges and not sub folders within that.