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attribute tag

For any locally-set attribute (i.e. not inherited), any item object stores the value in individual attribute tag(s):

<attribute name="Created" >2013-02-18T22:09:00+00:00</attribute>
<attribute name="Modified" >2013-02-18T22:09:00+00:00</attribute>
<attribute name="Name" >A grandchild</attribute>
<attribute name="ReadCount" >61</attribute>
<attribute name="SelectionCount" >45</attribute>

The example above shows data of several attribute data-types as stored in TBX form. The sole exception to this method of storage is $Text, which is handled in a discrete method of its own.

$Prototype is an exception and if set is not stored here. Instead it is stored in the optional 'proto' tag attribute in the note's <item> tag.

An <attribute > tag has one internal attribute: name. This is the 'Name' value defined in an 'attrib' tag elsewhere in the document.

The value of the attribute is stored as nested content inside the attribute opening/closing tags.