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(root) item tag

The item tag is a direct child of the tinderbox tag.

The top level 'item' tag represents the whole of the user data in the TBX's visible Outline. This 'root' tag has a $Name value of the TBX filename (without the extension). Apart from being the background to root-level major views and thus possibly customised for attributes like $MapBackgroundColour this tag does not behave as source of a normal note. It cannot be displayed via the text pane.

<item>[nested tags or empty]</item> 

The tag's own attributes and text tag types are listed in the section below, under the item tag. Links—basic, text and web—are stored separately in the <links> section. In this part of aTbRef an item object refers to item-scoped data which may relate to a note item, an agent, an adornment or an alias.

Nested in the tag are tags of several types: