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Creating draft emails

From v9.6.0, Email-type attributes show an envelope icon button in Displayed Attribute tables and Get Info/attributes. Pressing this button creates a new draft email message using the host Mac's current email client

The email message is created and opened (but not sent) with the following already filled in:

Adding a subject and any CC addressees, etc., is left for the user to edit before they send the email.

This feature is not design to auto-send complete messages but to pre-populate predictable parts of a draft email to make it easier to generate email from Tinderbox data.

Using an email Template

It is possible to generate more complex email content using an email export template ($EmailTemplate). The latter uses standard export template code so can use not only $Text but content from other attributes (and/or from other note(s).

If the current note's $EmailTemplate specifies a valid template, that template is applied to the current note and the result of that export is used to set the body copy of the draft email message.