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Email-Type Attributes


From v9.6.0, an Email attribute data type is offered.

An email address string, e.g. jdoe@example.com. If no default value is specified, an Email type defaults to an empty string. Emails are not delimited (i.e. quotes are not required).

Email attributes behave like string attributes, but with a special behaviour when displayed in a note's displayed attributes table. There, Email-type attributes show an envelope icon before the attribute value. Pressing the icon opens a draft email to that address using the default email client using the notes text as the draft content.

More precisely, pressing the button composes a message, whose body is the $Text of the note, and opens that message in the default email client (e.g., Apple Mail), from which it might be sent to the address that appears in $Email. There is no validation that the value in $Email is correctly formed.

Default/Empty value

An empty string.

Sorting order

As for String Data Type.

Email-type System Attributes

Built-in attributes of the Email data type are listed below: