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This container holds notes that describe ways to highlight the text of a note. Any note can opt in to highlighting by setting the $SyntaxHighlighting value. For example, setting $SyntaxHighlighting to markdown would tell Tinderbox to use the highlight methods found in /Hints/Highlighters/markdown. Adding the built-in Hints container, generates two specimen highlighter notes in the /Hints/Highlighters container:

  • Markdown. This is intended for users of Markdown.
  • Syntax. A specimen file to show syntax styling in action, rather than represent any particular syntax.

The highlighting methods are a list of regular expressions and formats. The first line of a highlighting rule must not be indented; additional lines for each rule must be indented. Empty lines may be added between rules for clarity. For example:


color: red

would locate any of these words and colour them red.

A highlighter note may contain multiple style declarations reflecting the fact that any given note can only apply a single highlighter.

Highlighters set the base colour of notes to their $TextColor rather than to "black" (#000000). NOTE: this styling sets the RTF layer styling of text. Not all styling can be exported via (HTML) Export and deleting a rule does not not 'un-set' the style previously set by that rule.

Comments are preceded by // and continue for the rest of the line, thus:


color: red // perhaps dark red is better?

Highlighters can use any of the following rules:

  • color: the text colour, a named colour or hex code value, e.g. color: green or color: #00ff00
  • background: the text background colour (highlight), a named colour or hex code value, e.g. background: #ffff00 or background: yellow
  • size: text size in points, e.g. size: 14
  • line-spacing: line-spacing as a multiple of the normal line spacing, e.g. line-spacing 2
  • indent: indent the paragraph in points, e.g. indent: 32
  • first-indent: indent the first line of a paragraph in points, e.g. first-indent: 16
  • bold: text bolded as a yes/no boolean, e.g. bold: yes
  • italic: text italicised as a yes/no boolean, e.g. italic: yes
  • strike: text struck-through as a yes/no boolean, e.g. strike: yes
  • underline: text underlined as a yes/no boolean, e.g. underline: yes
  • wildcards: yes/no boolean instructs the pattern to ignore regular expression meta-characters such as "*" and "+", e.g. wildcards: no
  • case-sensitive: yes/no boolean instructs the pattern to regard upper- and lower-case letters as equivalent, e.g. case-sensitive: no

Highlighters allow you to set line-spacing as a multiple of the normal line spacing.

Highlighters allow you to set the indent of the paragraph, as well as its first-indent—the indentation of the paragraph's first line.

Possible conflicts with other features

Do not use this feature on notes using the built-in 'Action' prototype for action code syntax highlighting. Use one or the other.

As highlighters alter the styling of $Text, existing styling including highlighted passages, may be altered. Combine the two with care.