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Action and query code

Code boxes in Tinderbox will autocomplete action and query code. This occurs in relevant Inspector and Get Info tabs. Dot-operators are offered after a period is typed after an operator or attribute name.

Only in the Action Inspector 'query' tab and the 'query' box of the Get Info 'agent' tab, '==' is offered as an auto-complete for '=' to help users apply the correct syntax. There is legacy support for '=' in queries but its use is deprecated.

If '=' is typed after $Prototype, auto-completions are offered for existing defined prototypes. As the process covers both query and action use, care should be taken to use '==' in a query context, or in a find(), and '=' elsewhere. Note that a find() contains a query so this, for instance, in a $Rule's action a '==' may still be pertinent.

Auto-complete will not try to complete '!=" (not incorrectly as '!==').

When autocompleting a dot operator, the autocompletions offered for the first character include only operators that begin for character. For example, typing '$MyString.c' will offer completions of "contains" and "count" but not "icontains". However, if the operator being autocompleted has 2 or more characters, such as "$myString.co", all operators that contain that substring will be offered thus including "icontains".

Code editor fields will provide autocompletion for designators in many contexts that accept a designator.