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Tabs, Quick Lists, Fonts and Export

Normal paragraph markup is taken from $HTMLParagraphStart and $HTMLParagraphEnd.

However, for the first paragraph, $HTMLFirstParagraphStart and $HTMLFirstParagraphEnd are used. The defaults may be set to the same as above but the mechanism allows for different first paragraph styling. For instance, a house writing style might be to indent all paragraphs save the one after a heading, and so on.

Any paragraph indented with a tab is exported using $HTMLIndentedParagraphStart and $HTMLIndentedParagraphEnd.

The default value for $HTMLIndentedParagraphStart is <code><blockquote></code>.

Quick lists. Adding markers at the start of a paragraph automatically trigger HTML lists (see more detail):

Auto-headings. Increases in body text size of whole paragraphs causes ^text^ to export those paragraphs as headings. Thus:

Generally this is a useful enhancement but it can be problematic if the text size has been enlarged only for clarity within Tinderbox itself. If the intent is for all text in a note to be the same size, but just bigger than the norm, e.g. in a 'readme' note, set the $TextFontSize for the note to the same as the display size in the note window. As the text is now the base size (for that note) auto-headings are not invoked during HTML export.

Controlling auto-markup. All these automatic features are controlled via $HTMLMarkupText with ^text^ used to export $Text. If instead ^value($Text)^ or ^text(plain)^ are used to export $Text, the above effects are by-passed but there is no automatically generated HTML. In the latter case, the user would have to manually insert any desired HTML mark-up, e.g. paragraph tags, directly into the $Text.