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Crosstabs view axis configuration pop-over

Crosstabs view axis configuration pop-over

This pop-over dialog is shown when clicking either the button to the right of either the Rows or Columns labels on the Crosstabs view toolbar. The default Row attribute is $Name, and for columns it is $Height.

Search box. Type the name of an attribute (with auto-completion) to locate the group/name of the desired attributes. Pressing Return with a valid attribute name will correctly configure the group and name pop-ups below.

Maximum Bins. Either type a number in the box (between 1 and 24) or use the up/down control to set the desired number of bins for distribution of the results in the Crosstabs matrix. This control and its label are hidden if/when the control below is ticked.

Unlimited Bins. Tick this to override the above control and to show as many bins as there are discrete values (e.g. for String-based attributes). Ticking this control temporarily hides the Maximum Bins control.

Numbers of bins. For some data types there are additional default behaviours:

  • Boolean attributes always have exactly two bins.
  • Set and List attributes always have unlimited bins, allowing each tag or element its own bin.
  • Date attributes: if the date "never" is present, it is always placed in its own bin.