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Browse Links pop-over

The Browse Links pop-over shows all the links originating from the currently selected note (with the exception of 'Smart' links) and offers the ability to edit their details. In v9.5.0, the layout was adjusted for improved legibility. This pop-over cannot be 'torn off' so is effectively a modal dialog. For every link originating from the selected note, the left-hand listing shows:

Any link selected in the list has its details shown in the lower panel.

Links may be dragged to reorder them. This is useful to set the 'first' link in the list, as used by the 'Navigate' feature in the Note menu.

All basic links list before all web links and then all text links. Text links are listed in order of text offset, i.e. where they occur in the flow of text. Thus the first text link in $Text links first. This makes finding the correct link much easier in a well-linked page's listing. Links to or from aliases are shown in italics.

Double-click any link to select its destination and dismiss the popover. If invoked from a view pane, the view will be scrolled or refocused if necessary to locate the newly-selected note. For to-text links this scrolls the destination note to the link point and highlights the linked word.

When a text link is selected the text pane scrolls to make the link anchor visible and the link anchor is temporarily highlighted.

The middle column of controls are the same as for creating links:

The right column of controls allow most aspects of this particular link to be customised. Only the link label text, label visibility and link line visibility apply to all links of a given type. The controls are:

Note that aliases can support their own outbound basic links ($Text links are shared with the original). In such a case, the link listing of the Browse Links may differ when open from the alias or from the original.

To dismiss the pop-over, click anywhere outside the pop-over.

To view a note's links when a note no longer has focus, open its Roadmap and tear-off the pop-up as a stand-alone window (that will last for the rest of the current session).