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 string   [other string-type attributes]

 (not set - empty string)

 Textual   [other Textual Group attributes]

 Note text






 As at baseline

The text, i.e. body copy, of any note or other object.

The word count of $Text is given by $WordCount and the character count of $Text is given by $TextLength.

The contents of $Text can be altered both by typing into the $Text area of the text pane (with a note selected) or via action code methods. If using the latter method, novice users should be very careful about appending to $Text as repeating actions can unintentionally rapidly lead to very large amounts of data. Setting $Text via an action code results in new text using the $TextFont font.

If a note is set to use $AutoFetch its $ReadOnly attribute is set to true, rendering the text un-editable (either turn off auto-fetch or alter $ReadOnly's value to edit $Text again).

$Text for the current note can be set or edited via the $Text area of the Text tab of the Text pane.