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Deletes the note(s) designated by scope; defining scope. If a designated note does not exist, the expression has no effect and returns false, i.e. nothing happens: no deletion, no message of no deletion. If the designated note exists, it will be deleted and the expression returns its former path.

delete("Some note"); 

However, it is strongly suggesting using a path ($Path) for scope and not just the note's title ($Name), thus:

delete("/The/path/to/Some note"); 

Avoid using this operator when possible. It can automatically delete notes you intended to create, and it can potentially saw off the branch you are standing on. In almost all circumstances, it is better to move the unwanted note to a container, and then to delete the note manually if you really need to delete it at all.

The delete() operator returns true if at least one note was deleted, and false otherwise.