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Syntax note: Operators without any defined mandatory arguments may omit their empty closing parentheses




Captures a sequence of non-whitespace characters ('tokens'), the matched token string is passed to the specified targetAttributeStr, a quoted name of an attribute. The String stream is not advanced and any chained parsing continues from the same point. Punctuation (notably @) is part of a token but *not* part of a word.

If the targetAttributeStr is omitted the String is advanced to the end so processing ceases.

The value given for targetAttributeSt can be:

For example, if the source stream is "John Doe<johndoe@example.com>":

vText = $Text.captureToken(vString) 

results in variable vText holding " Doe<johndoe@example.com>" whilst variable vString holds "John".

This might be considered akin to a more permissive form of String.captureWord() where the first 'word' in the stream contains non-normal word characters (as long as not a space).