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Be aware of context of execution and addressing

Often, as a document grows, action code moves beyond code acting on the current note and it either/both calls or sets attribute values in other notes, via offset addressing.

When addressing an offset by $Name be aware that the title might not be unique or even use the same names as a designator or operator. Using $Path addressing is better in most simple cases, with advanced users benefitting for using $IDString (replacing previous use of $ID) for unambiguous addressing—even if $IDString is hard to use by 'eye' when debugging. But, if using logging, it is easy to log an $IDString and its associated $Path.

As agent actions act on aliases, it is important to under stand the differing contextual meaning of parent vs. agent or adornment. Similarly, be aware of the notion of intrinsic attribute values when reading/setting vales.

When using queries in find() operations be aware of the differing implications of this vs that.