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Compound Actions

Compound actions are just like simple actions but each action is separated by a semicolon:

Action: $Color="red";$Priority="high" 

Sometimes, this leads to complications. Suppose, for example, you want an action to set the $OnAdd action. (Perhaps you have an agent that's looking for containers of $UrgentTasks, and wants to set the $OnAdd action for those containers). The simplest way of writing this is:

Action: $OnAdd=$Color="red";$Priority="high" 

…which will do two things: set the $OnAdd action to "$Color=Red" and set the $Priority to high.

If you want the $OnAdd action to be set to the entire expression, enclose it in quotes:

Action: $OnAdd="$Color=red;$Priority=high"

This quoted style is also required if setting multiple $DisplayedAttributes values (or any set/list-type attribute).

Action: $DisplayedAttributes="Color;Name;Rule"

Action: $DisplayedAttributes= $DisplayedAttributes(parent) + "Border;AccentColor"