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Actions & Rules

An action is an automatic way of setting a certain attribute to a certain value (with the exception of system read-only attributes which cannot be altered).

Here 'note' may be read to mean any note-like object (note, agent, adornment, etc.). The term 'rule' is just one form of applying an action and relates to the scope of its use. Actions can be invoked a number of ways:

Attributes storing action events. View a full listing of attributes storing actions.

Case sensitivity: Action code operators are always case-sensitive (unlike export codes).

Agents can have actions. An agent performs its action on aliases of all the notes it finds that match its agent query.

Making/deleting notes: See create(), createAgent() and delete().

Syntax: discussed under basic action code syntax. Note the point above re case-sensitivity.

Further discussion of use of actions:

A Tinderbox Reference File : Actions & Rules