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Action Code comments

Action code may contain comments.

A comment begins with two slashes, and ends either with a second pair of slashes or at the end of the line. To write a multi-line comment simple start each line of the comment with a double forward slash. For example, the code below contains comments in three forms:

	// this is a comment that
	// continues onto
	// several lines
	$Color = "blue";

The above shows comments on a discrete line or continued on successive lines by simply starting the next line of comment with the same marker. The next example shows the two other forms. The first line of code shows a to-end-of current-line comment and the second line a fulling inline comment with valide code before/after the comment:

	if($Prototype=="Task") { // special handling for tasks
		$Width= // 5 //  7;

These are, in order of reading:

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