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An outline view shows the hierarchical structure of the document very clearly, as an indented outline. An outline is also handy for seeing many notes in one window. It is easy to restructure the hierarchy of the document in an outline window, by dragging parts of the hierarchy to other parts of the hierarchy. An outline view does not show any of the links in the document.

The size of the note, with 0-4 lines inside it, indicates the amount of text in the note. The inside of the note yellows over time giving some indication of older notes that have not been edited for some time.

From v2.4.0, zooming only effects the vertical axis, with the windows user-defined width being retained.

Notes and agents are shown in outlines, with any aliases (such as inside agent containers) being in italic script. Notes have a thicker bar at the top of their icon, whilst agents have a thinker bar at the bottom. The note/agent and its title take the color of the objects' Color attribute. To help with legibility, there is also a Darken colors in outlines preference that - as it implies - slightly darkens the colors used in the outline view from the reference Color value. (Both the coloring and darkening features were introduced in v2.4.0).

In v3.5.0, separators were added to the Outline view features. From v4.2.0 separators are no longer exported.

Outline view


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