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The Window menu contains the following items:

  • Minimise. Minimise the current items to the Dock.
  • Send Behind. Sends the current window to the back of the all the currently open Tinderbox (only) windows.
  • Bring All to Front. Brings all Tinderbox windows to the front, i.e. on top of any other application's windows. (Added in v3.0.6).
  • Show/Hide Toolbar. The caption toggles to reflect whether the Toolbar is showing or not.
  • Quick Stamp. Opens the Quick Stamp dialog.
  • Attributes. Opens the Attributes dialog window
  • Network. Opens the Network dialog.
  • Similar Notes. Opens the Similar Notes dialog (added v3.5.0).
  • Tinderbox Up To Date. Opens the Tinderbox Up To Date dialog (added v3.6.0).
  • [List of all open Tinderbox windows]. Brings the Tinderbox window whose title is clicked to the front of the Tinderbox windows.
Window menu


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