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The Help menu contains the following items (v4.0.0+):

  • The Tinderbox Way. A web link to a page describing a book about using Tinderbox by its chief architect and coder, Mark Bernstein.
  • Tinderbox Users' Manual. The PDF manual is now included in the application bundle so you don't have to remember where you saved it.
  • Release Notes. The Tinderbox Release Notes, in TBX form. note this file when it opens is read-only so many normal TBX features are disabled.
  • Tinderbox Wiki. A web link to the index page of the Tinderbox Wiki. A wiki allows any user to add to its pages, either to seek help or to provide it. This is a free community resource kindly provided by Eastgate, Tinderbox's publisher.
  • Borders. A Tinderbox tutorial about using Borders.
  • Tutorial. This opens a small tutorial for new users to get a flavour of how Tinderbox works.

The section below the rule is actually a list of all tutorial files (default is just 'Tutorial') stored in the /tutorials/ sub-folder of the Tinderbox application package.

As from v2.5.0, correctly labelled tutorial files can be run from any location. Prior to this any tutorial file needed to be in the /tutorials/ sub-folder of the Tinderbox application package.

You can't save out the Release Notes opened from the Help menu. If you want a stand-alone copy, open the tinderbox application bundle and copy the file from there.

Help menu


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