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Also known as the Link Apprentice and new to v3.5.0, the Similar Notes palette ([Cmd]+[4] on the Windows menu) displays notes that have similar word usage to the current selection. The most similar notes are listed first. The underlying query looks at similarity based on several factors, including:

  • the text of the note
  • the note title
  • any text contained in user attributes

In addition, a weighting is applied for:

  • notes having the same prototype
  • notes having roughly similar amounts of text

If you select any note in the list, its caption appears in the button at the top of the list. Clicking the button allows you to make a new 'similar to' query based on the selected note.

The cross links using the output of this query are available as an HTML export code ^similarTo(). The query can also be used in agent via #similarTo().

From v4.0.2, this dialog is drawn with the TBX's MapBackgroundColor. This can help when multiple TBXs are open, if each has a different MapBackgroundColor then it is clear to which TBX a Find dialog belongs. Unlike the find dialog the accent colour is only used behind listed items and not in the unused parts of this list pane.

Similar Notes dialog


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