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From v4.2.0, export templates can be stored in a Tinderbox note.

The note Create/Rename dialog has an check-box, Can be a template. If this is checked, the note's path appears in the template menu, and the note may be used as an export template. (N.B. this option applies only to proper notes and not agents).

In HTML & Text Export views, the Template pop-up list now contains up to three sections:

Template notes appear in the menu by their complete path. For example, if the template Book Template is a note inside the root-level container named "Templates", it appears in the menu as

/Templates/Book Template

If a note's name (or path/name) is identical to the name of a template file, the note template will be used rather than the file.

To avoid unwanted name conflicts, it is suggested to store templates in a dedicated container, perhaps using a self-evident name like "Templates".

A note's availability as a template is stored in attribute IsTemplate.

The HTML and Text Export Preferences selector for the default template has changed. This is now a pop-up list allowing a choice from one of 3 sections:

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[Last updated: 3 Dec 2008]

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