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The manual is perhaps ambiguously worded about this (unintentionally so). Confusion arises because Finder is often the first application used to try out adding images to notes. You can't drag/drop from Finder as a copy/paste delivers just the filename to the target note. If you drag an image onto a view other than a Text window, you get a new note.

To add an image into a Text window you need to 'open' the image first. Drag a JPG onto Preview, select Copy (Cmd+C), switch to a open Tinderbox Note window and use either the Edit menu or Cmd+V to paste in the image. To paste a particular part of the text, set the cursor in the text window before pasting. Note the text window has no copy/paste options in it's Ctrl+click pop-up menu - in fact the one item shown doesn't do anything. If you drag from Safari, the image is the 'drop'. Indeed, drag/drop works from a number of apps so the outcome is app dependent - but simply dragging files from Finder is out (as at v 3.0.4).

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[Last updated: 3 Dec 2008]

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