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Images can be dragged into View windows. The manual refers to Map view but you can in fact drag a JPG, GIF or PNG image - i.e. its file icon in Finder - onto a Map, Outline, Chart or Treemap view and drop it with the result that a new note is created.

The title of the note is the dropped file's filename. The content of the note is the image. Bear in mind when doing this that the added file is now part of the TBX file and will add to the latter's file size.

If a note of this type is exported to HTML, the embedded image will be exported as a JPG. The exported image name will include the old extension, e.g. "mypic.png" would be exported as "mypicpng.jpg". This is because Tinderbox is using the note name "mypic.png" stripped of any periods. If the note is renamed after the image is dropped the exported image's name will now be the new note's ^title^.

A note created from an image drop can still have text added, above or below the image, so this approach can be used to paste an image into a note without having to open the image for editing as would be required for pasting into a text window. The latter method is needed if you want to add more than one image to the note.

If you wanted a picture to show up in a map view as a picture and not an icon then you need to create a picture adornment.

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[Last updated: 3 Dec 2008]

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