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Macro tab

Macro tab

The settings in the Macro tab control the creation and storage of macros both for HTML export and for use within the current document for the current document.

Gear wheel button (at left):

  • Delete macro. Deletes the currently selected macro. There is no undo for this option.
  • New user attribute. Press this option to add a new macro. A new macro 'newMacro' is added to the macro list and selected ready for editing.

Macro list. A pop-up menu lists all currently defined macros. Select an item to load its details for review or edit. The name of the selected macro is shown in the Macro name box (below). The code inserted by the selected macro is shown in the Macro code box (below)

Macro name. The name of the currently selected macro.

Macro code. Holds the code to be evaluated when the Macro is invoked. See the article on macros to explain the process.