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Border tab

Border tab

This gives easy access for setting a number of border appearance-related attributes of notes. The results are applied to all selected note(s).

Color. There are 3 'standard' colour controls that set $BorderColor:

  • Defined colour list pop-up menu.
  • Colour shade pop-up menu.
  • Custom colour picker dialog.

Style. Defines the border's style:

  • Border Style pop-up menu: sets $BorderBevel.
  • Dashed option: toggles $BorderDash between 0 if un-ticked and 5 if ticked.

Width. Sets $Border to preset widths via Border Width pop-up menu (1/2/4). Default is medium (2).

To set no border, select 'none' for the style. Note, that this is not exactly the same as setting both $Border and $BorderBevel.