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Rule tab

Rule tab

The Rule tab is used to set the rule ($Rule) action of notes, adornments and agents.

The main input box is used for adding or editing the action code. Pressing the Return key (↩) commits any changes made and runs (or updates) the query. The code box has auto-completion for action code and attribute names (based on using a $-prefix). The code box supports syntax colouring.

Code fields do not select the entire text after when gaining focus or after pressing the Return key (↩) to update (save changes). This lessens the chance of accidental deletion of existing code.

Inheritance state. A caption above and right of the code box indicates the inheritance state of the rule. Captions are:

  • default. Uses document default.
  • inherited. Uses an inherited (prototype) value.
  • (no caption). The rule is set locally in the note.

Enabled. This toggles disabling of the rule ($RuleDisabled). When un-ticked the rule's code is not evaluated as part of the rule cycle.

Run Now button. This runs the rule immediately, once: the rule is added as a single task to the pending work queue. If the rule is disabled, this button is disabled. The button also updates the Displayed Attributes table.