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Scrolling newly opened maps

Container maps record their map scroll position in two attributes, $MapScrollX and $MapScrollY. (Very early versions automatically scrolled new map views to place the first child in view.)

These co-ordinates are floating-point numbers, and use the same relative co-ordinates as $Xpos and $Ypos. If a map view of a note is closed and later reopened, it will scroll to that map's most recently viewed position.

The scroll position is also reflected in the interior view of a note container viewport (as before an agent's contents are fixed). For a note container, data at $MapScrollX and $MapScrollY is drawn in the vertical/horizontal centre of the container viewport.

The viewport within a container can be moved via click-drag within the viewport area. Dragging the child map background scrolls the child map, dragging an icon moves that icon on its own map.