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Using the pane splitter

The two panes in a window's tab are divided by a splitter bar that can be dragged to give more space to either the view or the text pane. By default a tab opens with a 50:50 split between the two halves. The splitter can be moved manually to give a desired ratio of the two panes. The current splitter position is saved and remembered between sessions.

Resizing the document window by dragging its left/right edges or any corner retains the split ratio. If the view pane to text pane ratio is 2:1, dragging the window wider will retain a 2:1 balance between the panes.

A Cmd+drag of the window will re-size it so as to retain the current text pane width, i.e. all extra pane width is added to/removed from the (left) view pane only.

Three shortcuts are offered to toggle one of 3 states:

The Cmd+5 shortcut always gives a 50:50 equal pane width allocation and so overrides any pre-existing split ratio. There is no current mechanism to remember and return to a custom pane split ratio after using Cmd+4or Cmd+6.