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Link Types

Scripts can access link types, which are accessed from the document scope, so the code examples here are aclled within as tell like:

tell front document 

-- specific call code goes here 

end tell 

To return data for a specific a link type, by name, tell Tinderbox:

set myLinkType to linkType named "agree" 

To get the value of the 'color' property of that link type:

set myColor to color of myLinkType 

To return a list of all link types defined in the current document:

set myLinkTypeList to linkTypes in front document 

to create a new link type and set some of its properties, other than its name, to non-default values:

make new linkType with properties {name:"name", color:"green",bold:true} 

If a link type with this name already exists, no new type is created and the properties are applied to the existing link type.

Link types may also be deleted:

delete linkType "experimental" in front document