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Displayed Attributes date format

Displayed Attributes date format

A pop-up list offers a choice of 3 doc-wide default formats for the values of Date-type attributes shown in a note's Displayed Attributes table.

The default is to show the local OS' short date format, then a comma, and then the hours:minutes.

This choice can be overridden at document or note level by setting a date format string in $DisplayedAttributesDateFormat:

  • To set a document-level default that is not one of the 3 built-in defaults listed here, use the document Inspector's system tab, select $DisplayedAttributesDateFormat and replace the default with the desired format string (without enclosing quotes). This will now be the format inherited in the document and the control in Doc Settings will be greyed out. The attribute's doc-level default is "" so as normally to inherit the format set in the above pop-up.
  • To set at prototype or note level simply set that note's $DisplayedAttributesDateFormat.

The design intent here assumes a customised format will more likely be set in a prototype than at doc level, but the latter is possible (as described above).