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Selecting notes

Select. Click on an item (note, agent, adornment, etc.) to select it.

Adjust selection. Cmd+click on a note to add/remove from the current selection. Cmd+click on the background does not clear the selection. This makes it easier to do non-contiguous selection on busy/small-scale maps and where the chance of accidentally clicking the background by mistake is greater.

Adjust selection (Outline or Chart view only). Shift+Click on a note to extend the existing selection up/down from the last selected note.

Band-select. Option+drag to band-select notes.

Select All. Cmd+A (A) selects all items in the current view (excluding non-displayed child/descendant notes).

Deselect all. Cmd+Opt+Ctrl+A (⌘⌥⌃A) deselects all of the current selection. Also, click on the view pane background to clear the current selection.

Multiple-item selection. Bear in mind the effect on any nested descendants (i.e. in collapsed containers). The contents of collapsed containers are ignored, i.e. only visible items are selected. This allows a set of containers to selected and acted upon without affecting their descendants. However, if such a selection is: